From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, and all of the festive sales, promotions and celebrations, the next few months are a super busy time for both online shoppers and the companies tasked with delivering their packages and parcels.

This year, due to the COVID-19 situation, customers are spending more time at home and in many cases have already begun to search for the best seasonal deals. Once they’ve made their purchases, that’s where we come in.

Promotions and shopping incentives come thick and thin at this time of year, and we’re ready and able to deal with the incoming rush of orders. We’ve invested in digital tools that improve the customer journey so the whole shopping experience, from ordering to delivery, is memorable for all the right reasons.

One of our unique technological advantages is our system that allows us to block-book secured confirmed capacity for our clients after proper forecasting and planning with the Fetchr team.

This gives us a guaranteed execution of our Service Level Agreements; no matter which high season or purchasing peak we are in and under any circumstances, you can trust us to cope with your demand.

From the KSA to the UAE and at any point of your e-commerce journey, we’re ready for the holiday season. Let’s make it happen.

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