We’re no longer just a last-mile delivery company – we own the whole journey, from start to finish and everything in between. We have all of your delivery needs covered. But what is the most critical part of the delivery process? It’s the final yard – the moment when we hand over a package to your customer.

The last-mile delivery experience can make or break a customer’s trust in a business. As we represent so many businesses across the Middle East and beyond, we know how important this is.

Lobna Albehery, Senior Product Manager at Fetchr, explains:

“We realized the last yard delivery challenges early on, so we’ve been constantly working on finding enjoyable solutions for all of our customers. We see this as a learning curve. It helps us to adapt and respond with innovative technology and new products that help us overcome problems and create a seamless delivery experience.

“My role involves looking at new products and developing new features, coming up with product ideas and working with design, engineering and data science teams to launch successful products that provide an impeccable user experience.

“Using the latest and most innovative technology in machine learning, artificial intelligence and Chat Bots, we were able to tackle these challenges and provide effective and enjoyable solutions for our customers.

“In a world where technology rules, tracking shipments via updates doesn’t cut it anymore. Customers want full disclosure on where their delivery is in real time so that they know when it’s going to arrive. To make this possible, we’re working on developing advanced live tracking processes.

“We know delivery times can be long and unpredictable, so we let our customers choose their preferred time and location. They know where they will be and when, and they trust us to get their package to them at the desired time and place.

“Once the customer has their parcel, and a smile on their face, we know we’ve done our job.”

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