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Technology to drive the future

Fetchr’s product suite harnesses the power of data science to optimise, improve and deliver leading shipping solutions. Artificial intelligence analyses big data, driving business decisions and making positive improvements in our products and customer experiences. Fetchr is perfecting the balance between human interaction and machine automation. People led. Technology driven.


Zero touch automated scheduling that understands your customers’ delivery preferences. No phone call, no interruptions. Ship on auto-pilot.


Partner with Fetchr and take advantage of our predictive technology to proactively make smart business decisions to increase revenue and profitability.

Bits and BOTs

A unique combination of machine learning and human interfacing makes Nancy, the Fetchr super agent, an unbeatable customer experience.


Artificial Intelligence is challenging traditional logistic models. Born in the cloud, Fetchr’s big data approach sets itself well ahead of the crowd.

Technology for everyone

Fetchr’s technology solutions can be customized to suit your business model and customer needs. Take advantage of the whole product suite or activate single technology elements. You scale, we scale.

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Mobile scheduling and real-time tracking in the palm of your hands. Fully optimized for people on the go.

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Interact with our machine learning BOT to experience a blend of machine technology and human innovation. Schedule, track, and trace. Just ask Nancy.