We pride ourselves on having scalable solutions to meet the needs of every business. We listen, we’re agile and we react to trends so our customers are not left behind.

Fetchr is built on technology, and it’s this approach that enables us to create customized, effective and scalable solutions.

How do we achieve this in an ever-growing and changing industry?

Shahin Abdul, Head of Project Management, at Fetchr explains:

“To be a Project Manager at Fetchr, you need to have a deep understanding of the company fundamentals – Operations, Technology and most importantly, the commercial aspects of the last-mile delivery business. This is what we run on.

“We’ve identified typical pain points, from Cash on Delivery to a lack of clear addresses and many more. The team works hard around the clock to iron these out to create a smoother journey for clients and customers.

“The PM team is responsible for developing solutions and turning every challenge into an opportunity, while never saying no before we try. This helps everyone can work better together – us, our clients and their customers. We fine-tune each client’s requirements through comprehensive information gathering to improve customer experience and efficiency.

“We love those whiteboard sessions with our customers where we map processes, we exchange ideas, we come up with solutions and then we shake hands. Every element of the project is monitored to ensure scope and cost are maintained, without compromising on our quality promise. It’s also our responsibility to have excellent internal and external communication skills and alignment so everyone is informed at every step.

“We can be as agile as possible, thanks to our well-developed matrix, which ensures all our SLAs are met.

Our industry product knowledge is combined with our in-house technology product suite to provide fully customizable customer journeys. This blend of human and machine provides a near limitless combination of possibilities to increase delivery performance and customer satisfaction. Fetchr’s traditional and digital banking services are a great example of where we are able to tailor this uniqueness throughout the customer experience.

“We learn from each project and apply this knowledge to the next one so we’re always growing and getting better.”

Whether you are a private business or a government entity, our solutions can be customized based on your requirements and expectations. Got a task for us? We’re ready to take it on – we’re up for the challenge. Together, let’s make it happen.

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