We recognize the trust you place in us when we take care of your deliveries. That’s why we want to share an update on the actions we are taking to keep you, and our team members, safe amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

We take safety incredibly seriously at Fetchr as we strive to help protect our customers and our team members. As the world adjusts to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), first and foremost, we are being guided by the recommendations of the UAE, Saudi Arabian, and Egyptian Government, the WHO and other leading health organizations. 

Taking steps to ensure safety 

We are applying these recommendations to all our operations around the world who power our network. As such, we have taken a variety of actions, including:

* Educating team members about the virus and sharing resources on how to keep the workplace clean

* Sanitizing our delivery equipment frequently

* Training team members to use good hygiene practices, including frequent hand-washing

* Reinforcing education and hygiene with regular workplace communications and reminders

* Ensuring team members to closely monitor their health and seek medical attention if they develop flu-like symptoms

a.     Any team member who reports or displays flu-like symptoms will be asked to stay home

* In our offices and warehouses:

a.       Common areas are cleaned by professional external service providers

b.      Meeting rooms are disinfected frequently

c.      Our restrooms are stocked with disinfectant for hand washing, and there are hand sanitizing stations across all our locations

Impact on our operations

Each of our divisions manages its operations to guarantee, to the extent possible, an undisrupted service to our customers. Hence, all our divisions are mobilizing their respective Business Continuity Plans and implementing preventive actions as appropriate. These include daily updates to reduce exposure to and transmission of the coronavirus, self-quarantine precautionary measures in line with official authorities’ guidance, flexible working schedules, and a travel ban to high-risk regions.

We understand the rising concern regarding the risk of contagion. As a transnational service company we thoroughly ensure our organizations in all countries operate following the protocols of official authorities, both international organizations and local country health authority advisories, whichever sets the strictest rules.

On Business Continuity Planning (BCP): operations

* In case anyone on a team gets infected, we will immediately quarantine and take the appropriate preventative measures for their care, and replace them with a backup team.

* All our employees will receive and are asked to use masks, sanitizers, gloves and thermometers. These will be provided to all of our locations.

* We are preparing multiple teams to work independently in various locations.

* Each of our divisions manages its operations to guarantee, to the extent possible, an undisrupted service to our customers. All our divisions are mobilizing Business Continuity Plans, and implementing preventative actions as appropriate.

* We work with our customers to secure capacity and operations, continuously monitoring the situation, both globally and locally, to ensure we respond to guidance from worldwide Health Authority advisories and comply with any requirements set out by Government bodies in the region.

* Our management team and all our divisions closely follow the development of the Coronavirus around the world and evaluate necessary adjustments required in our operations to adapt to changing conditions. We continuously work to develop solutions for our customers as the situation unfolds.

Other helpful information

You can find facts and the latest information on the virus on the WHO’s website.

We thank you for your understanding, support and trust in our service.


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