As one of the most exciting and fastest growing B2C and e-commerce markets, Saudi Arabia is a key part of our future plans.

The Kingdom’s massive population includes a large young and tech savvy demographic that, thanks to some of the highest rates of smartphone and internet penetration in the world, have fully embraced the services, structures and convenience of e-commerce.

We understand just how big B2C and e-commerce is in Saudi Arabia and the sector’s immense potential for future growth. As such we have confidently entered into this market as a comprehensive, efficient and tech-enabled company with the clear goal of solving the traditional problems of delivery while providing the highest levels of customer experience.

Our services cover the entire Kingdom through our strong internal delivery network, which is a mix of our own operations and local strategic partnerships, allowing us to effectively service customers wherever they are in KSA.

In addition to our domestic delivery services within the Kingdom, we’re fully focused on growing our capabilities in cross-border logistics to serve the Saudi Market as a Key Inbound destination for international E-commerce businesses, meaning that we will own the whole journey – from beginning to end, and everything in between.

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