Goodbye old brand. Hello new!

Some say that change is as good as a holiday. But, as the holiday season looks a little different this year, the Fetchr branding team decided it was time for a little change of their own.

We are pleased to announce that the Fetchr facelift is complete!



Now, don’t get us wrong, we love originals. Take the Fetchr signature brand orange we have proudly been sporting since 2012. That’s original!



But like any great company, standing still is never an option. The traditional delivery models have pivoted, evolved, and been renewed afresh. And so have we.

So, what’s new?

Our signature orange remains but is now more contemporary. It is deeper and more vibrant and authentically ours. It symbolizes renewed energy, enthusiasm, and focus. It is more mature but still fresh and bubbling over with personality. It is supported by a bold but bright accent color palette that pops on any medium.



Our logo. More streamlined, simple, paired back. The Fetchr glyph attracts attention with its modern representation of the location pin. The foundation of delivery.



The wordmark, set in TT Commons, is more geometric and rounded. Symbolizing our craft of moving things. Shapes that follow the delivery routes of our day to day Fetchers. Movement and grace.



The Fetchr brand embodies our spirit to challenge the status quo. It speaks of larger ambitions and a willingness to be bold. To not stay on the sidelines and to play to win.



Let’s make it happen!