What a year 2020 has been so far – and it’s not over yet!

We’re entering into the most hectic period for e-commerce with Black Friday just around the corner followed by Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and the whole festive season.

Are you ready? Because we are.

Demand for deliveries is set to peak, as businesses take orders from customers located across the region and the world. We’re fully prepared to handle the extra pressure that comes this time of year brings – in fact we can’t wait to get your goods where they need to be and put a smile on your customers’ faces.

At Fetchr, we understand that every business has different shipping requirements, technology capabilities and consumer product offerings. We can be as flexible as you are, even during busy periods.

We’re big on tech and utilize the latest predictive tools, AI and online solutions to proactively make decisions that will benefit your business and ours.

We also know that the human touch can never be replaced. That’s why our team of account managers are skilled problem solvers, logistics experts and business concierges all rolled into one.

Ask them any question, pose them any challenge and they’ll come up with the answer and solution to get your packages on the road and to your customers with ease. Whatever the challenge, from pick up, to shipping to final delivery, they are ready to help manage your needs from start to finish.

Your business is our business; there’s no you and us – there’s only we.

Reach out to sales@fetchr.us if you have any questions. If you’re an existing client, your account manager is always ready to help.

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