Machines can’t do everything, and we don’t want them to. We’re a person to person company that harnesses the power of data science to optimize, improve and deliver the best shipping solutions. We’re perfecting the balance between human interaction and machine automation.

Born in the cloud, our big data approach sets itself ahead of the curve. It’s always learning and adapting to help you make better business decisions and provide positive customer experiences.

Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and our own expertise, sending a package from you to your customer is a seamless operation without interruptions. Our advanced scheduling program understands your customers and their preferences, allowing you to ship straight to their door.

Making smarter business decisions comes easy thanks to our mix of expert, on the ground staff and the very latest smart technology; this combination helps us to make quick predictions and correct decisions to help you achieve your revenue and profitability targets.

We understand when your peak times are and allocate drivers, resources and services accordingly to meet demand when it really matters. By delivering on our promise to you, we ensure you deliver to your customers. That way everyone is happy!

That’s not all – we haven’t even told you about Nancy. Think of her as your personal Fetchr bot. She can schedule, track and trace every delivery easily over WhatsApp. A human touch integrated in our technology.

Our technology-led solutions can be customized to suit your business model and customer needs. Take the full technology package, or just the elements your business needs. You scale, we scale.

We’re Fetchr. Great people supported by great tech.

The best of Fetchr for your business

A tech-driven solution for managing global shipping and regional deliveries for companies of any size.

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