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Fetchr specializes in helping businesses reach millions of new customers across the Middle East and beyond.

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Welcome to the Middle East

A region full of opportunity that’s open for business. The Gulf consumer is among the most connected and digital savvy in the world. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have some of the highest levels of Internet, smartphone and social media penetrations globally, while Egypt has one of the highest levels of time spent online. With a demand-supply imbalance amidst a young ecosystem, there is massive opportunity for growth in cross-border e-commerce.

the possibilities

Over 155 million potential customers

High digital penetration with savvy digital natives

Cross-border e-commerce growth opportunities

Strong consumer online purchase power

The Fetchr advantage

Reliable and efficient delivery

Fetchr’s artificial intelligence and smart logistics technology offers unparalleled efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

Enhanced customer experience

We blend human support with machine learning BOTs to offer a unique 360° customer experience. Fetchr. Trusted to deliver.

Versatile and scalable solutions

Big or small, we have your business shipping needs covered. Fetchr tailors its service to match your requirements. You scale, we scale.

Fetchr’s customizable shipping model

At Fetchr, we understand that every business has different shipping requirements, technology capabilities and consumer product offerings. One size certainly doesn’t fit all. Flexibility is part of our business culture.

Fetchr Bags

Fetchr has you covered for all of your business to consumer cross border shipments. Pickup, delivery and return services. Fast, efficient and customer focused.


Powerful technology that empowers your shipping managers with real-time data, makes Fetchr the business to business logistics partner you can always trust.


Entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups! Fetchr provides cost-effective logistic services to help propel your business forward. We understand your business needs.

Value Add

Fetchr’s value proposition goes beyond traditional shipping services. Our pairing of technology and people provides a winning combination for your business

Empower your business

Powerful fulfillment technology to connect supply to demand, globally. Use the Fetchr platform to manage your orders and inventory levels, optimize shipping, and keep track of the beating pulse of your business.

The power of automation

Fetchr’s artificial intelligence, BOTs, and machine automation are world-class differentiators in customer order scheduling, service and delivery performance. Predictive tools at your disposal to proactively make business decisions that will increase revenue and profitability.