The Middle East is a region full of opportunity with consumers who are among the world’s most digitally connected and online savvy.

During the pandemic, we didn’t sit still. We looked at where we could add value to our business into Egypt.

The amount of time people in Egypt spend online is among the highest in the region, and with a demand-supply imbalance serving a young ecosystem of customers, there is a massive opportunity for growth in cross-border e-commerce.

General Manager of Egypt, Nabil Akef, explains:

“We’ve seen so many changes in the market following COVID-19, which has meant we’ve had to react and respond to the competition. We made the decision to offer a value proposition and value-added services rather than price war competition to keep up a sustainable growth for the logistics markets.

“Our biggest goal has been to work as a unified team to satisfy our clients and customers, giving them the services they deserve even during the pandemic. We’ve had to be really agile as we adapt to requests from clients to help them continue to function during these times.

“We never under-estimate a competitor and we keep on learning and enhancing; continuous improvement is our edge and something we always look to excel in.

“Having advanced technology at our fingertips has been a key success factor for Fetchr Egypt. We’ve been able to gain our clients’ trust by aligning all of the company efforts towards that goal, and when reached, we’ve been able to maintain the trust placed in us and leverage a positive mood.

“We really believe we are transforming market challenges into opportunities so that we can always deliver. This is something we’re building on now, and beyond.

“To all businesses, big or small, in Egypt, we have your shipping needs covered. Get in touch today and together, let’s make it happen!”

Email us on or call Fetchr Egypt on +20 2599 1000.

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