As a business, you’re not always judged simply on what you do. It can also be about the image you project.

Strong design = strong consumer trust.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to really refine the Fetchr brand. You recognize the signature orange instantly, but what about all of the other brand elements that have been designed?

Roman Vorokhib, Head of Product Design, explains:

“Design makes a significant difference in fields such as sales, customer engagement, user retention, brand awareness and company valuation. As product design is a cross-functional role I work closely with the Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and the Product Management team, as we are all responsible for creating the very best User Experience across the company.

“Successful business owners know this. Good design is good business. In the digital age, companies only have a matter of seconds before a customer makes up their mind.



“Those few seconds are crucial because they can make or break a sale or a lead – and design plays a huge role in the deciding factor. Good design is a signal to customers that they should buy from you. It shows you care about the bigger picture of your brand.

“If your designs are current, modern and impressive, then people will gravitate towards your products and your brand. They will be engaged by what they see, and then you can educate them on what it is you do.



“At Fetchr, we’ve invested in the brand and how it looks. We’re bold and not afraid to change it up – we’ve kept the signature orange throughout as this is a core element of our brand.

“My best advice – a design strategy is the interplay between design, business and technology. In order to create this, you need to understand your opportunities so that you can fully define your product. At this point, you can then focus on visualizing and bringing your product to life through design.”


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