2020, a year that has changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we behave forever. The disruption that was caused by the crisis is unprecedented and was never expected.

Behind every challenge lies opportunities, and many industries have reaped the fruits of an unfortunate situation while others have suffered the worst scenarios and lost all that they had.

Covid-19 has accelerated the e-commerce boom and consumer behavior has been shifted massively towards online shopping with almost no marketing activities. The crisis itself did a great job in flipping a traditional shopping behavior and mindset forever.

I joined Fetchr in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, and by then the company was like a “Digital” Beehive. Yes, we have to say a “Digital” Beehive because the company was being run and transformed almost entirely on Zoom and video calls due to lockdowns.

The great transformation team was holding several balls in one hand. They perfectly balanced between those incredible fund-raising efforts while fixing the operations and the overall structure of the organization at the same time, to set it back on track for a rapid rebound, while getting their full support from great shareholders and believers in the company and its people.

What I have seen and witnessed can never be taught in business schools, but will always be the best material to teach in business schools because the achievements that were made during the most difficult and disruptive crisis in human history cannot be seen everywhere or cannot be done by everybody.

Resilience is the headline of 2020, I learned from the most resilient team I have ever seen on the ground how to fight and win rather than surrendering and going home.

I can say with full pride that we as individuals are among the luckiest people in the world, if not really the luckiest, to have survived this crisis mainly because we were living in the UAE.

The UAE has dealt with the pandemic like no other country, be it through the exceptional healthcare system, or the continuous efforts of its great leadership and commitment to keeping us safe and having access to all necessities. In addition, the super communications strategy kept the community always updated with the latest news related to Covid-19 and safety measures, while also turning in record time all government services into online and digital services for the convenience and safety of the community, without any disruption in the quality of public services.

Also, I have to acknowledge the incredible support we got in Saudi Arabia from all the authorities while trying to keep up with the unprecedented increase in delivery volumes during the peak of the pandemic. The full support that was extended to us was due to their sincere intention to ensure that the citizens and residents of the Kingdom have quick access to receive their necessities quickly and on time, with strict measures on all delivery companies to ensure they deliver their promises and clear any pending orders with faster actions.

2020 is a year to remember and a year to forget, with all its challenges and negative impacts, I will still enjoy taking away from it the pleasure of gaining an incredible experience and gaining hundreds of new and valuable connections during a challenging year. In addition to the most valuable lessons we learned the hard way, those lessons are the best to lighten our path to the future in the simplest ways.

I’m super optimistic about 2021 and can’t wait to work with all of you towards making it an exceptional year and a year of great achievements.

Happy New Year.


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